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In short

  • Etienne Ott
  • Software developer
  • eti.ott [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Webdev, Simulation & Modelling, Gamedev
  • Languages: German, English


Simulation Technology, M.Sc.
Ongoing since 2016 - Universität Stuttgart

Angewandte Systemwissenschaft, B.Sc.
(Applied Systems Science)
Graduated 2013 - Universität Osnabrück

Previous occupation

    • 01.11.2013 to 31.08.2016
    • Wiethe Group GmbH
    • Developing and maintaining e-commerce software in the use for online shops. Both frontend and backend, as well as various tasks associated with running a big, dynamic website.
    • 01.20.2011 to 30.05.2013
    • virtUOS Osnabrück
    • Part-time work developing utility software for the information managment system HISinOne. Mostly work in webservices and data migration.
    • 01.08.2008 to 15.09.2009
    • DRK Blutspendezentrale Ulm
    • Work during my FSJ (voluntary social year) as laboratory assistant in a blood donation center, helping with the production of medical products.


  • PHP
  • javascript
  • git
  • (My)SQL
  • HTML(5)
  • C++
  • python
  • C#
  • GIMP
  • java
  • Solr
  • rust
  • golang
  • LaTeX



featherlib.com View source

A cataloging system, which allows the user to create any catalog (or library) of digital entities or digital representations of physical items. Designed to be lightweight without the clutter of functionality surrounding many cataloging systems and without imposing specific structures on the items. This aims for users with many small(ish) collections of very different content.

warp zone

View screenshot View source

A startpage for people who like to cram as many links on one page as possible. Features the same functionality as bookmarks, but is designed for faster access to individual links by not hiding them in menus and folders. Set your warp zone as target for a new tab in the browser and you can click your target directly.

For hire

Web development

Need a website? I got you covered. I can both work on a specific feature for an existing website as well as create new ones from scratch. My strong suit is development, but if you prefer an all-inclusive solution, I can help you with setting up a server to host the website and apply some basic design to it. An optional maintenance contract will ensure the continued availability of your website.

Simulation & modelling

I have a background in systems science, which deals with the modelling, simulation and analysis of systems. As a programmer, this works well together and allows me to construct a model and see it all the way through to analysing the results of simulations. I can offer to fulfill any aspect of this process, although high-performance computation on supercomputers may require additional training.

General consulting/contracting

If you need anything done, that can be solved by creating software, I might be able to help. Contact me with some basic information on your requirements and we can schedule a phone call, free of charge. If we then both agree on a course of action, a standard contract will define the scope of the work and payment.