I have been busy the past few days (ok, weeks) with a general overhaul of the website. I didn't quite finish, as my inital plan included filters, so the content of the site can be filtered by interest. For example, a recruiter might care only about my software stuff, while someone coming from the periphery projects should not be bothered with old academic writings. However I found that implementing filters with Jekyll would compromise too much of what the framework is all about.

I would have needed to implement page delivery within a scripting languare, most likely python 2.6, and deliver the pre-generated and filtered content depending on session settings. But then I might as well use a whole framework like Django for this. So instead I will create custom landingpages for specific interest groups. I think that's an okay compromise.

Here's a list of what changed with the overhaul:
  • Improved blog post stylings
  • Crosspost entries from other websites like tumblr
  • Content-page generation is now done with Jekyll, which vastly speeds up updating the site and gives me more incentive to actually doing so
  • Fixed some "card" stylings. Still somewhat broken on Chrome, but I really can't be bothered to deal with Chrome right now
  • Team flags to indicate where I shamelessly promote content that I did not create alone
  • Automatically populated "Newest entries" slider
  • More love for mobile devices. Still needs some work
  • New content. (New as in "I had it lying around".)

Sometimes in the next weeks I will probably push another small update for pagination and aforementioned landingpages, but other than that this website hopefully can keep running for a while without needing major changes again. Let me know if you want so see specific things fixed, updated or otherwise mangled... Hahaha, who am I kidding? Nobody is reading this.