IFF - Playable here

This was my entry to the Ludum Dare 32 game jam, under the theme “An unconventional weapon”. You play as, well, an abstract thing, being attacked by swarms of other abstract things. Your only weapon? The confusion gun. Hitting an enemy with it turns them to your side (or back to theirs). Survival becomes a questions of carefully converting enemies so they perish by friendly fire.

Development was honestly a bit half-assed. I tried a new framework, which is always a terrible idea for a game jam, and promptly ran into some issues I couldn’t fix. Why do bullets fly through walls? That’s not a design choice, that was just an ugly fix to improve performance.

Gameplay-wise I think it’s not too shabby, for my standards anyway. If extended to a fully-featured game, I could see this game actually being fun. However commenters pointed out that I did a horrible job of making the limit of conversions clear. I just blame it to the fact that GUIs are hard… *cough*

Overall, I am a smidgen proud of this game and hope that this is about the right amount of pride I’m supposed to feel.