Parametrisierung eines eindimensionalen Modells zur Selbstdiffusion von Polymeren
Modelling, Simulation, Chemistry, FRAP
Modelling and simulating the self-diffusion of polymers in nanoporous membranes. In such membranes the diffusion happens effectively one-dimensional, reducing the model complexity so an analytic solution is possible.
Einfluss von Demografie auf die Verschreibungszahlen von Arzneimitteln
Analysis, Pharmaceutical drugs, Demographic change
Analyzing existing records on the prescription of pharmaceuticals in different age groups. With this analysis a simple estimate of the effect of a changing demographic, towards the higher age groups, can take place. This effect is relevant for the evaluation of certain groups and individual pharmaceuticals, which are already suspected of causing significant emissions into the water cycle.
Fragmentierung von Vogelhabitaten
Simulation, Actor model, Habitat of avians, Forestry
Using a simple actor based model for the habitation and reproduction behaviour of avians, simulations are run to determine the correlation of forest density to the survivability of small populations.
Licence under evaluation
Aufruhr/Kollektives Verhalten
Modeling, Simulation, Actor model, Social unrest
We extend the actor based model for riots in spatially connected groups developed by Granovetter. This extension covers the distribution and connections of actors on a spatially confined grid and possible strategies for containing a riot with both passive and active intervention. We present an analysis for a corpus of simulation runs and discuss the weaknesses of the model.
Licence under evaluation

Interactive Fiction

Four Horsemen: Chapter 1
LD35, interactive fiction, game jam
My entry for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam. More akin to interactive fiction than a game, although the line is blurry. You explore the world in the near future, where things have gotten really out of hand and old mythology, believed to be nothing but fairy tales, suddenly becomes relevant in everyday life. The theme for the jam was "Shapeshift".


Post-Mortem on Minotaur
Post-Mortem, Game development, LD33
A post-mortem on our Ludum Dare 33 entry "Minotaur". We look back at what worked, what didn't and how to improve workflow.
Card game, Metagaming, Stacks
A card game that tries to integrate aspects of metagaming into the game itself. Players play cards on stacks (much like the data structure, as well as physical stacks of cards), that have direct effects or manipulate the composition of stacks. The game is decidedly not paradox-free.


Benevolent overlords
Worm, Cultureverse, Crossover
Taylor wakes up and immediately knows something's wrong. She finds out just how wrong things really are, but things are soon looking up for her.
The Snare
Worm, Horror
Amy isn't having the time of her life. Things could be worse, but they also could be better. Now, if only people would leave her alone, she could get things done.
Worm, Reverse SI
For Renate another boring day was beginning. For Taylor too, except her day wasn't quite as boring. As the two meet, in a manner of speaking, they will have to work out how things progress from there, because Behemoth really did a number on the spacetime integrity this time around.
The Annual Taylor Hebert Reunion
Worm, Crack, Meta-Crossover
Taylor doesn't have it easy and could really use a break. Luckily, all the other Taylors agree.
A match throughout the ages
MLP, Baduk/Go/Weiqi
When facing the possibility of losing a game against an equally matched opponent, Twilight is not above summoning some help. After all, it's not cheating if it's not against the rules, right?
Return to sender
MLP, Low Fantasy, Magical science
Sometimes packages are not delivered to the correct recipient. Sometimes the recipient sends the package back. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they open the package and marvel at the contents. Sometimes a single package can change the technological advance of an entire nation. Sometimes Twilight Sparkle should be content to not know things.