Hard Reset
LD39, resource managment game, game jam
My entry for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam. The theme for the jam was "Running out of energy". With the universe running out of usable energy and getting closer to the Heat Death, it falls to you to gather the remaining energy and matter and restart the universe.
Precious, precious caffeine (mod)
mod, factorio, resource management game
A mod for the game Factorio. It adds coffee research and productions, which enables the making of consumable coffee cups within the game. These give a crafting and movement speed bonus.
The ruins of Proxima Centauri B
LD36, platformer, game jam
Our entry for the Ludum Dare 36 game jam. The theme for the jam was "Ancient Technology", although we sort of missed the theme by a fair margin. You play an explorer scouting the ruins of an ancient, alien civilization on a planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri.
Four Horsemen: Chapter 1
LD35, interactive fiction, game jam
My entry for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam. More akin to interactive fiction than a game, although the line is blurry. You explore the world in the near future, where things have gotten really out of hand and old mythology, believed to be nothing but fairy tales, suddenly becomes relevant in everyday life. The theme for the jam was "Shapeshift".
LD34, two-button controls, game jam
Our entry for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam. The theme for the jam was tied between "Two-button controls" and "Growing". We decided to do both themes. As a result you only have two buttons to control a fire-fighting airplane to prevent a fire from growing out of control.
js13k, Code golf, N-body physics, Collection game, Abstract
My entry for the 2015 js13k game jam, where games must fit in a 13kb limit. The theme for the jam was "Reverse". The player needs to collect asteroids while orbiting planets and the only means to navigate are to reverse gravity or wind back time.
LD33, Collection game, Game jam
Our entry for the Ludum Dare 33 game jam. The theme for the jam was "You are the monster". You play as the Minotaur, trying to gather all your treasure before those puny humans take it all away.
LD32, Endless Waves, Action, Abstract
My entry for the Ludum Dare 32 game jam. The theme for the jam was "An unconventional weapon". Facing an endless onslaught of enemies, your only weapon is to convert enemies to your side. Survival becomes a feat of strategically converting enemies so they perish by their own friendly fire.
Wall of Text
MiniLD54, Typing, Abstract, Artsy
My entry for the Mini LD 54 game jam. A typing game, where typing a displayed text correctly will move the character away from certain doom. A bit artsy and may seem like having a deeper meaning, but there is really none.
Into Hyperspace!
LD30, Torus-Shooter, Action, SciFi
My entry for the Ludum Dare 30 game jam. A torus shooter, minus the shooting part, that is interlaid onto a graph of connected worlds. Run missions to move between worlds for profit. Missions are randomized with higher rewards for higher risk in the mission.


framework, album, images, photo
A simple framework for creating image albums, for example for sharing vacation photos.
framework, text adventure, interactive fiction
A framework for interactive fiction and text adventures. While it is missing the classic command line from old text adventures, it features the possibility to implement text adventures akin to point-and-click adventure games, where the player is offered a range of options to choose from. This also makes it ideal for interactive fiction, which is indistinguishable from text adventures.
framework, glossary, abandoned
An abandoned framework for creating a glossary with web interfaces for browsing and creating definitions of terms.
playground, world generation, on hold
A playground application for creating world (on a scale of landscapes up to planet surfaces) as used in video games. Currently on hold.
Jekyll, Website framework, Flat HTML, Blog
The framework running this very website. It's based on Jekyll, a popular framework/tool to create blogs and static websites, and works by generating the entire site after every change of content. This speeds up page delivery significantly because the server needs no computation at runtime and can just serve flat HTML files.
Featherlib ebooker
Ebook Generation, epub
A webscript/form for generating ebooks in the epub format from a simple web form. Users simply paste the raw text or html into the form for each chapter, add some information about the author and the book, then hit a button and get their shiny, new ebook spit out.
Warp zone
Linkhub, Homepage, Startpage
A homepage webscript for people who like to cram as many links as possible on one page. Combines the utility of bookmarks with a central place to gather and format them.

Simulation & Math

El-farol bar problem, simulation
An implementation of the El-farol bar problem in python. There are several variations on the problem and this implementation is intended to explore one in particular.
Mandelbrot, Fractal Imagery
A small program to generate visualizations of the Mandelbrot set with nice colors. The output format is the simple ppm image format.